Agricultural Pest control

Above all, we wish to clarify that we are against harmful techniques for scaring birds.

Agricultural pest control

We are against inhumane techniques fight against birds in agricultural pest control and are committed to providing non-violent methods for animals and non-destructive to the environment. Although birds presented on our site are considered as pests, we want them to stay alive!

We advise all our customers NOT to use harmful extermination methods.

Our aim is to promote environmentally friendly products.

SCARYBIRDUSA specializes in agricultural pest control solutions against pest birds. SCARYBIRDUSA teams have a long experience in kites for agricultural. With this experience and the success of this method of scarring, we have created the complete device SCARYBIRDUSA Kite. Our teams are working on developing ecological solutions to fight against pest bird for horticulture, golf, airports, orchards and of course agricultural pest control. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable products.

Our products are suitable for professionals seeking reliable economic solutions for agricultural pest control, and individuals for their ease of use. Our products undergo extensive technical studies before placing on the market and make a real difference in term of quality compared to competing solutions. Our system SCARYBIRDUSA kite has been designed to last for several seasons.
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Ecological protection

against pest birds

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